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Prayer That Makes You Want To Sing Along

Jewish Music - Spiritual & Engaging

Sue writes modern Jewish songs that are meant to be enjoyed and make people want to sing along. Her music is appropriate for many settings.

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Have Sue Perform At Your Event

Sue has performed at the CAJE (Coalition for the Advancements in Jewish Education) Conference, the URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) North American Biennial, the Rembering Debbie Memorial Concert in Boston, Boston Limud as well as at congregations all over the Northeastern United States.

Her engaging presence and spiritual music captivate worshippers and audiences of all ages. If you would like Sue to perform at your event or function, CONTACT her.


Listen To Sue's Music In Your Home

Sue's debut CD - Eleven Doors Open - was produced in Boston by the multi-talented performer and composer, Josh Nelson.

Sue's second CD - In the Water - was recorded in Nashville, and produced by Grammy-nominated Mark Niemiec, and well-known Jewish rocker Dan Nichols. Check out Seth Rogovoy's review in the Berkshire Jewish Voice (Page 5).

Sue's "Hinei Mah Tov" has been included on Transcontinental Press' Ruach 5767 compilation and will be included in the upcoming CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis) Hagaddah. Sue also contributed to the Allard's Songs for a Jewish Headstart album. Her "Y'varechecha" was a finalist in the spiritual category of the Just Plain Folks awards.

Buy Sue's CD's and sheet music on the PURCHASE page.

Sue's newest CD The Power and the Blessing will be available soon.