Step 1: Sing and play guitar by yourself in your 1970's-style bedroom. Add lime green shag carpet and stereo tuned to FM radio.

Step 2: Join choruses in school. Sing madrigals, and Bernstein and gospel hymns. Learn what communal singing means as a music counselor, song leader, and bring guitar to any and all campfires.

Step 3: Spend your formative years singing in rock bands, play clubs, restaurants, biker bars, and weddings. Make bets with drunks at bars who tell you repeatedly that you sound like Karen Carpenter. Win bets.

Step 4: Walk away from playing live music, with the exception of being "Miss Susan" in preschools.

Step 5: Begin leading worship and teaching in Temples. Rediscover music from your youth, and dare to start writing new liturgical music. And people seem to like it.

Step 6: Write and record 3 CDs worth of original Jewish music with top producers in the field. Perform at major events, get published, and tour.

Step 7: Go to a song writing retreat that blows your mind and deconstructs the process of song writing. Take a road less-traveled and begin to write a different genre of music. And people seem to like it.

Step 8: CD Notes from the Garrison launches: folky, quirky, meaningful, eclectic, uplifting music.

Step 9: ?


Good Place To Start

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Reunion Clip
Peace Song

There Is Hope Clip


Notes From The Garrison Album Cover
Notes From The Garrison

Includes: Reunion, Peace Song, There is Hope, Waiting, If Only, Neverwhen, Holy Place, The Ballad of Hank and June, Shoot Me Now, Rain, One Who Knows

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